Private practice coaching

You have been dreaming about having your own private practice for years. You’ve gone through years of school, hundreds of hours of clinical training, working jobs that never quite felt right. Now it’s your time. You are taking the leap and going into private practice.

Um, now what? You are completely overwhelmed with all of the decisions that you need to make. You are terrified that you won’t get a single client through the door. This whole business thing feels foreign and uncomfortable. The dream is slowly turning into a nightmare.

I have so been there.

When I was in graduate school all I wanted to do was be in private practice. After completing my PhD in clinical psychology, I worked for 3 years in two private practices before taking the leap in my own practice, London Psychological Services.

The first 18 months was hard. I made a lot of mistakes. I had a lot of freak outs. I was convinced that I was going to be the cause of my family’s financial ruin.

And then things finally clicked. At the 2 year mark, my practice was full of clients that I absolutely adored working with. I was trying to refer people out, but they preferred to wait until they could work with me. It had finally worked and it was awesome!

I want to share what I have learned about building a successful private practice with you. I have read books, listened to podcasts, attended conferences, picked the brains of other private practice owners and have built my own blissful practice. I combine practical strategies, developing a success focused mindset, anda little manifestation woo woo for good measure.

The Official Bio

Dr. Agnes Wainman, PhD, C. Psych. is a registered clinical psychologist and the founder of London Psychological Services. She helps overwhelmed women ditch the worry, increase joy and live a life that feels right. When she is not working with her amazing clients, Dr. Wainman speaks to groups and organizations about self-care and burnout, vlogs on her YouTube channel The Self-Care Activist and runs the Burnt Out to Blissed Out Micro-Retreats. She has also been featured in various media outlets such as PsychCentral, Elle Canada, CTV London, and has been a guest on various podcasts including Selling the Couch, The Annapolis Therapy Podcast and Parenting Rebels.

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