Are You Starting a Counseling Private Practice?

Are you overwhelmed with all of the decisions you need to make?

Are you frustrated that your phone is not ringing?

Do you wish that at least one of the courses offered in graduate school was about running a private practice?

You are so in the right place!

Starting a Counseling Private Practice Can Suck!

You have spent years in school, completed thousands of hours of clinical training, are constantly reading on new therapy interventions, attending conferences, seeking clinical supervision when you need it. As a therapist, you rock!

As a business person, um, not so much.

Marketing feels like a dirty word. You would rather bathe a cat than go to a networking event. Tracking expenses sounds like the worst thing ever.

But, the idea of a private practice sounds pretty darn dreamy.

Setting your own hours. Working with clients that are absolutely the right fit for you. Deciding when you take time off. Serving your community in meaningful ways. 

So how do you get over the overwhelm of the business stuff to create the Blissful Practice of your dreams?

Create Your Own Blissful Practice!

That's where I come in. My name is Agnes Wainman, Ph.D. and I have my very own blissful practice (London Psychological Services).

However, it wasn't always so blissful. It was downright heart-wrenching at times. I would regularly have sob fests in my kitchen, believing that I would be the cause of my family's financial ruin. 

I don't want you sobbing in your kitchen (well, you may every now and again but that's part of the process!). I want you to create a Blissful Practice that works for you. I want you to embrace the business owner within (I swear, there is one inside of you somewhere!). 

One of the best ways that I can support is to share my own journey with you and (hopefully) spare you some pain and grief! Want to know the 3 biggest mistakes I made when starting my private practice? Sign up below and I will let you in on those mistakes and also give you the tools to avoid (or fix!) them!