Fill your counselling practice with ideal clients without feeling sleazy, unethical or wanting to hide under a rock.

Understand your ideal client so well that within six months you will love coming into your practice, have a steady flow of referrals and are known as the go-to in your area of expertise.

You're an awesome clinician.

That's not enough to have a successful private practice.



You spend your days obsessively checking e-mail for messages from potential new clients.

You are sick and tired of the voicemail lady's voice telling you that "you have no new messages."

When a new client does call, you feel that you need a script to sell yourself and will agree to any fee just to get the person through the door.


Who is this person and what does she know about private practice?

Dr. Agnes Wainman, Ph.D. is a registered clinical psychologist. She started her private practice, London Psychological Services, in December 2013.

Let’s just say that 2014 kind of sucked.

The phone rarely rang, and when it did there was a 50/50 shot that it would be a completely inappropriate referral.

She spent a lot of money on the wrong things (including spending $1000/month to an agency to run Google Ad words!). Her dream of a busy, successful practice were turning into a nightmare (her kitchen was the place where many crying freak-outs occurred!).

Something needed to change. London Psychological Services got a complete overhaul.

By July 2015, Agnes had a full practice. Not only was it full, it was full of clients that Agnes loved working with. She went into her practice everyday feeling like she had hit the jackpot.

In 2016, Agnes hired her first associate.

She raised her fees (significantly!).

She doesn’t cry in her kitchen anymore.

Identifying her ideal client was THE.GAME.CHANGER!


Imagine hearing this from potential clients:

"It was like your website was written just for me."

"It's like you live in my head and know exactly what I'm worrying about."

"I just had a conversation with a friend about the topic of your recent blog post!"



What is the Ideal Client Intensive?

The Ideal Client Intensive is a  program consisting of 10 exercises that help you define, refine and connect with your ideal client. Each exercise is accompanied by a instructional video. These are the exact exercises that Agnes did to create her ideal client!

I'm pretty sure that I know who my ideal client is. Will I learn anything else?

Even if you have a good sense of your ideal client, you will develop and grow that idea into a living, breathing person.

You will know what words to write in your copy so that you immediately connect with your ideal client.

You will create 3-5 blog topics that your ideal client can't wait to read.

You will know what to say to referral sources so they will send you ideal clients.

There are so many other programs out there for therapists. Why should I sign up for this one?

I am in the private practice trenches with you. I used these exact strategies to build my own practice and continue to use them to grow my practice. 

How much is the Ideal Client Intensive?

Investment: Only $99 US!!!!! 

If you only got 1 ideal client that attended 1 session, you would make your money back! It's really a no brainer!


Are there any Bonuses with purchase?

Heck, yes!  I love bonuses. Bonuses make life worth living.

Your purchase includes:

Evolution of a Private Practice Website; From Bland and Boring to Ideal Client Magnet Webinar - Agnes shows you all the versions of her own practice website and how it went from a $2000 snore-fest to its current, less expensive, more awesome version. She also does website reviews during the webinar and exposes some of the biggest website mistakes that therapists make. 

Help!!! I Have More Than 1 Ideal Client Webinar - jam packed with information on how to make sense of your marketing, networking and copy when you work with more than 1 type of client.



What are other people saying about the Ideal Client Intensive and working with Agnes?

Dr. Melvin Varghese, Selling the Couch

When Agnes offered the Client Intensive, I immediately invested in it. I knew that she would over deliver and that I would take away pearls of wisdom that would far exceed my initial investment. If you've read her private practice website, you'll know that she has a way with words. Each word makes you pause and feel as though, "Wow..she gets me."  As a result of the intensive, I have a MUCH better idea of how to research and write in a way that speaks to those who I want to serve.  I highly recommend investing this service if you're struggling with finding your ideal clients and/or struggling with creating content for your ideal clients.


Dr. Maelisa Hall, QA Prep

"Agnes has provided SO much content with this program! Not only does she provide clear and thought-provoking exercises that are very practical, she also provides amazing insight and feedback."

Lourdes Viado, Ph.D., MFT

This is hands-down the most helpful and meaningful ideal client exploration I have ever done. Not only did I gain clarity and a deeper understanding of my ideal client, I have tons of potential content.  This has been one of the best investments I made into my practice.

Sharon Martin, LCSW, Social Work Coaching

The Ideal Client Intensive helped me bring a new layer of understanding to developing my niche. I was able to rewrite my web copy so that it speaks specifically to the clients I am most passionate about and effective in helping. Agnes is smart and funny and supportive. It was a great experience that I recommend for both seasoned and newer clinicians.

Sarah A. Glibert, LCSW, Transitions Therapy

I cannot say enough about how valuable the Ideal Client Intensive was for me and my practice. Agnes' writing prompts were thought provoking and helped me dig really deep in conceptualizing the clients I'm passionate about working with. Her approach turns this process from dreadful to kind of fun! The feedback of the group, as well as the calls during this intensive gave me the exact amount of support I needed. I cannot recommend this enough!

Daniela Paolone, LMFT, Westlake Village Counseling

I have been a fan of Agnes for some time now so signing up for the Ideal Client Intensive was the logical next step. Her intensive was far and beyond the best investment I have made in private practice and I continue to learn and be inspired by all that she shares in supporting other clinicians.

Sona DeLurgio, Psy.D., LMFT

The Ideal Client intensive gave me a new way to talk about what I've done for years. I've known my ideal client in my bones and in my cells, but I only talked about what I do through my specialties. And, I had a few different areas so I wasn't even sure how this translated to one ideal client. Agnes had some amazing exercises to take me through really thinking about those who sit with me in the work we do, the type of work I have a passion for, and make it all cohesive. I've gotten more solid in how I can talk about what I do which is translating to blog ideas as well as ideas for where I can take my practice. I would highly recommend this intensive to everyone, whether you're new to practicing or a veteran. There will be something for you there.

Joanne Johnstone, MSW.

The Ideal Client Intensive was relaxed and flexible, but also gave me the push I needed to think differently about my practice and take action to grow my practice. Agnes was supportive and generous with her feedback as we shared our ideas, but I also learned so much from what other participants had to say. It truly motivated me to move forward on goals I had been contemplating for a long time. I am now in the process of creating my website and have content to use that I came up with thanks to the course! It was such a worthwhile endeavor. Thanks Agnes!

Stacey Steinmiller, LCSW, Authentic Self Counseling

"The thing that I liked the best about the ideal client intensive was how validating it was. I feel like I've been getting pulled in so many directions with advice everywhere that I almost lost my voice. I know it was in there somewhere and Agnes helped to pull that out back into the front and center. Not only did she help my voice come back out but she validated it and encouraged me to not only use my voice but to enhance it. I believe this skill is really valuable because by walking away with a sense of trust myself I feel confident to tackle more goals and less of the 'I just want someone else to do it for me' which I get stuck in often. Thanks Agnes!"

Melissa Kornhaus, LMHC, New Vu Therapy

The Ideal Client Intensive is a game changer. Agnes helped me get clarity and gain confident in my practice vision. I've learned how to speak directly to the clients I love serving in a way that they know I'm THE therapist for them! With the skills I gained in this training, the money and schedule I dream of are beginning to fall in place. I wish I had learned it all when I first opened my practice.

Laura Winters, LCSW, Postpartum Health and Harmony

I first heard about the Ideal Client Intensive from a Selling the Couch episode.  The speaker raved about it and I knew I had to check it out.  I’m so happy I did!  Agnes has such a talent for helping you identify who your ideal client is and how to speak to them.  The exercises are very thought-provoking, as I wasn’t accustomed to thinking about marketing from this perspective.  I also found the Intensive really energized me.  I’ve been excited to work on my website and feel confident that I have a clear direction now, which will truly resonate with my ideal clients.  I highly recommend the Ideal Client Intensive!  

Gila Brown, MFT

I am so glad I did Agnes’s Ideal Client Intensive.  Though I’ve been practicing for few years, the intensive has been so helpful in getting me to pinpoint the clients I truly love working with.  This program is broken into very manageable, bite-sized pieces so it barely feels like work.  I am so very grateful for the feedback I got from Agnes and the rest of the group.  Definitely worth the investment.

Jumie Duduyemi, LPC, Better Life Counseling

Prior to the Ideal Client Intensive, I had a vague and general idea of the clients I did good work with. That made networking and my elevator pitch difficult. I thought that I had to endure the difficult clients and celebrate the few enjoyable clients in order to grow my private practice. However, this intensive provided such clarity beyond my imagination. I didn't anticipate that I could know exactly who I do my best work with and how to write copy relevant to my ideal client. This is the best investment I have ever made in my private practice.